1.    You Are (The Government)

2.    1000 More Fools

3.    How Much Is Enough?

4.    When?

5.    Give You Nothing

6.    Land Of Competition

7.    Forbidden Beat

8.    Best For You

9.    Suffer

10.  Delirium Of Disorder

11.  Part II (The Numbers Game)

12.  What Can You Do?

13.  Do What You Want

14.  Part IV (The Index Fossil)

15.  Pessimistic Lines


You Are (The Government) (Graffin/Mr. Brett)

hey, sit down and listen and they'll tell you when you're wrong,
eradicate but vindicate as "progress" creeps along,
puritan work ethic maintains its subconscious edge,
as old glory maintains your consciousness
there's a loser in the house and a puppet on a stool,
and a crowded way of life and a black reflecting pool,
and as the people bend the moral fabric dies,
then country can't pretend to ignore it's people's cries
you are the government,
you are jurisprudence,
you are the volition,
you are jurisdiction,
and I make a difference too.

1000 More Fools (Graffin/Mr. Brett)

I heard them say that the meek shall reign on earth,
phantasmal myriads of sane bucolic birth,
I've seen the rapture in a starving baby's eyes
, inchoate beatitude,
the Lord of the flies,
so what does it mean
when your mind starts to stray?
kaleidoscopic images of love on the way,
brother you'd better get down on your knees and pay,
1000 more fools are being born
every fucking day,
they try to tell me that the lamb is on the way,
with microwave transmissions
they bombard us every day,
the masses are obsequious,
contented in their sleep,
the vortex of their minds ensconced within
the murky deep.

How Much Is Enough? (Graffin/Mr. Brett)

Tell me can the hateful chain be broken,
Production and consumption define our hollow lives,
Avarice lead us across the ocean,
Toward a land that's better,
Much more bountiful wide,
When will mankind finally come to realize,
His surfeit has become his demise?
How much is enough to kill oneself?
That quantity is known today,
As we blow ourselves away
Tell me is there anything so sure?
Rapacity, tenacity, capacity, for more!
Like a dog that feeds until he suffers,
The infirmity of man is
Brought his selfish cure.

When? (Graffin/Mr. Brett)

I've seen a lot of things in 5 years,
I struggle just to hold back the tears,
but every fuckin' where I go I see the pathos that
I know, will spell the termination of us all,
someone's got to tell me, do you see,
that everything around you has a hidden tragedy?
seeds of happiness have never found a place to grow,
and our generation doesn't know,
when, when will you try
to change the logarithmic pace of kissing things goodbye,
when will you know that human life is so short
and death is oh so slow,
I've tried to make things make sense but I can't,
I'm happy just to watch them all and laugh,
and if you think you've got it made just revel in your selfish ways,
cause when the world stops turning so will you!

Give You Nothing (Graffin/Mr. Brett)

hey, everybody's looking but they never can see,
all the angst, corruption and the dishonesty,
think about the times and places you've never known,
you're a man swarm atom and yet you're alone,
so I give you me,
I give you nothing!
so you've got a place that you can call your own,
but you make a habit of carrying the stone,
look around and ask someone if you're alive,
you're a sidewalk cipher speaking prionic jive
respectable despicable it seems all the same,
now we realize that we have nothing to say,
if yore reserve is weak,
andality complete,
ask yourself again "do I deserve much from them", no!

Land Of Competition (Graffin/Mr. Brett)

see, there's a girl who's afraid of the world so she stays at home,
next there's a boy who seems so lost in his joy he's all alone,
the camera's on them,
they're in the land of competition,
southern California air feeds them,
they know they're best cause of the way they are dressed,
but you can bet you are not welcome in their home,
see there's a girl who sits and watches the world from her blue screen,
also a boy who truly wants to destroy his hometown scene,
they both want to travel to the land of competition,
southern California will destroy them,
and they won't be the best, they'll be the poseurs who dress
like the plastic idiots who they copy
tell me what do you need to make you happy? indeed, is it out of your reach?
beware of number one, see all the damage it has done, there are so few of them,
you won't find too many in the land of competition,
southern California doesn't breed them,
if you just want the best turn to yourself for the rest,
and forget about the ones who "have it all."

Forbidden Beat (Graffin/Mr. Brett)

There was a boy who had too many toys
And an ache inside of his bones,
He sought extrication through chemical vocation,
And now he just answers to tones
It's deadly and alluring,
The sound of pounding heat,
Enslaving all who dare succumb
To the temptations of the forbidden beat
Thinking, today, of what I want to say,
Thinking of inhibition and vice,
What they call straight I do relegate
As I cautiously saltate along
It thunders away at first light
Of each and the simpleton lifestyle evolves,
But soon enters dusk as the last surrey
Rusts and a new day, upon us, results.

Best For You (Graffin/Mr. Brett)

Above us lay the burdens,
Below us lay the truth,
We're somewhere in the middle,
And we're all discontent too
Is someone watching over you?
Inside, they know what's best for you
Judgments not tomorrow,
It's today (yes, now it's here),
But no it isn't Jesus,
Take a look at all your peers,
They're all looking down on you,
Inside they know what's best for you . . .
Everybody knows what's best for you,
Everybody knows what's best for you,
Everybody knows what's best for you,
Everybody knows . . .

Suffer (Graffin/Mr. Brett)

did you ever see the concrete stares of everyday?
the lunatic, the hypocrite are all lost in the fray
can't you see their lives are just like ours?
an unturned stone, an undiscovered door
leading too, the gift of hope renewed,
eternity for you,
the masses of humanity
have always had to suffer
the businessmen whose master plan
(controls the world) each day,
is blind to indications of his species
slow decay
people blow their minds
(they choose to resign),
this deformed society is part
of the design it'll never go away,
(it's in the cards that way),
the masses of humanity
will always have to suffer!

Delirium Of Disorder (Graffin/Mr. Brett)

life is the sieve through which
my anarchy strain resolving itself into works,
chaos is the score upon reality is written,
the timeless, swirling gyroscopic horde,
delirium of disorder,
I am just an atom in an ectoplasmic sea,
without direction or a reason to exist,
the anechoic nebula rotating in my brain
is persuading me,
contritely, to persist.

Part II (The Numbers Game) (Graffin/Mr. Brett)

it's superficial progress,
they call it liberation with
opiates of silicon big brother schemes to rule the nation,
we're one nation under god,
we stand above the rest,
with mighty high technology,
we're never second best,
our specialty is infiltration!
so pack your bags you third world nation,
victory through domination!
the trepidations throngs all fear the big eye in the sky,
the government observes them with their own electric eye
automatons, illiterates and indigents of every shape and size,
don't stop but aid this cruel crusade
participate in their own demise . . .
prepare yourself for subjugation,
victory through domination!

What Can You Do? (Graffin/Mr. Brett)

so you waste another day getting older and gray in your head,
and you're hearing lots of stories 'bout the happy times you have ahead,
there are other folks in power so you kick back and get farther behind,
and although the world rotates itself ,the only thing you twist is your mind,
you see, the worlds falling apart at the rifts,
and surprisingly,
the leaders can't make any sense of it,
you mean nothing to the world,
we're all someone else's fool,
but, oh, what can you do?
yeah, you waste your time with losers if you get stuck in a rock-and-roll band,
do you find it more rewarding to compete with morons throughout this land?,
they seem to be in power so I kick back and get farther behind,
and I watch them as they fuck up every good thing on this earth with their minds.

Do What You Want (Graffin/Mr. Brett)

hey, do what you want, but don't do it around me
idleness and dissipation breed apathy,
I sit on my ass all god damn day
a misanthropic anthropoid with nothing to,
say what you must, do all you can,
break all the fucking rules
and go to hell with superman
and die like a champion
hey, I don't know if the billions will survive,
but I'll believe in god when one and one are five
my moniker is man and I'm rotten to the core
I'll tear down the building just to pass thru the door.

Part IV (The Index Fossil) (Graffin/Mr. Brett)

we're widespread and well fed
the earth's rotating fate is in our head,
we're dominant and prominent and all our
deities omnipotent,
and immortality is in our mastermind
and we destroy everything we can find,
and tomorrow when the human clock stops
and the world stops ticking,
we'll be an index fossil buried in our own debris
we're listless, promiscuous,
and life to us is either hit or miss,
we're savior faire and debonair,
and things we do are done with pride and care.

Pessimistic Lines (Graffin/Mr. Brett)

so here we are again to experience
the bitter, scalding end,
we're the only ones who can perceive it,
but others sing of beauty
and the story that has enfolded as one
that deserves praise and ritual,
my pessimistic lines,
your superstitious lives,
and the modern age's lies
won't absolve you
and the professorial truth,
and the dear clairvoyant youth,
and, of course, the nightly news,
will deceive you (watch out).