"This songs talks about the stupidity of our race. It tells us that we are going to destroy ourselves and that if you think you've got it all made, don't be so selfish because when the world stops turning so will YOU. All the pollution, the wars, the social inequality is going to kill us, and we don't do anything about it, there's going to be a disaster and nobody cares!!!. How can we be so blind?, we destroy entire species and we don't even give a fuck about it ( this is a little more complicated but I'm not going to talk about natural selection and survival now ) This last years I've seen how the USA kills millions of people in Yugoslavia and how they destroy entire countries ( Afghanistan ) and how Osama Bin Laden ( if he is the one that did it ) killed thousands of people who were just going to work! I've have also seen how the beaches are all contaminated, how the ozone layer is being destroyed, etc and I've seen that nobody even cares as though it didn't matter, but it does!!!! don't be so selfish, when the world is destroyed, so will you!!!!!!!! And Greg says ' i try to make things make sense but i can't ', that means that it is just so hard to understand how humans can do all this and not change and realize what they are doing It is just so sad that everyday there's something bad happening, everywhere And I'm thinking ' when ' will this stop and when will humans realize what they are doing, I hope that when this happens, it won't be too late For me, this is the best song Greg Graffin has written! Ricardo Habalian Venezuela"

    -Karl Marx


"I agree with Karl Marxs' interpretation of this song, but I am curious about his reference to the USA killing "millions" of people in the Former Yugoslavia. I believe that: 1)his numbers are way off, and 2)the USA and NATO(and prior to that the UN) are there to stop the various ethnic factions from continuing to kill each other."

    -NATO Peacekeeper