"This song is obviously about how mankind has always had to and always will have to suffer but it is due to our own faults, We always will have to suffer but have no one to blame but ourselves"

    -Triple J


"When, in the song 'Suffer', Greg sings 'an unturned stone, an undiscovered door' in the chorus, he is referencing a novel written by Thomas Wolfe, first published in 1929, called 'Look Homeward, Angel'. The very first words of the novel are '... a stone, a leaf, an unfound door; of a stone, a leaf, a door.  And of all the forgotten faces.'  At the very end of the novel, within the last twenty pages, he speaks of the unturned stone and the unfound (or undiscovered) door. Unfortunately, I borrowed the book from a friend and read it, so I don't have any exact quotes to give you, but if you wanted to do some more research, I can assure you it's in there.  You don't have to buy it, either -- just go to any bookstore, and skim through the last fifteen pages, looking for any mention of stones, leafs, or doors."

    -Justin Peterson