Do What You Want


"I looked here to see if anyone had an interpretation of this song, but since no one does, I'll forward mine...I think it's a song about Nieztchian philosophy, the whole superman thing and living life to the fullest. Also, the general disbelief in God and opposition to organized society that are central Bad Religion themes.  But I don't really know, it's just a theory..."

   -Irish Dan


"It's just an idea ... but this song reminds me about the uselessness of man... we think that the worlds circle around us but we have to realized that the reality is very different....also religion doesn't work in this sense (I'll believe in god when one and one are five)"



"Just something to point out in the lyrics for those skeptical about Graffin's atheist tendencies. Gurewitz wrote 'I'll believe in God when one and one are five' but when Greg sings it, even on 'Suffer', he sings 'I'll believe in God when one and one aren't five'. Thank you for your time."



"I think Greg was trying to say that during life, you should live life to the fullest feeling possible. you only get one chance at it, and even then, in this society, it's not a very large chance to do what you want. No matter what, you're always being held down by money, family, ethics, or religion. I believe he's trying to get the message through to the masses. 'Fuck everything for awhile and live for yourself'."



"I am a Moslem. But I love my bad religion and their do what you want. Whatever it will be.... go the hell with superman coz it is not real."



"My interpretation of this text is similar like my opinion to life. You can do everything you want, but it's only for a short time, because you'll end when you'll die. You can try anything, but not much depends on it. (Like a nihilistic philosophy) . You got a whole lot of nothing... (like Old MAN and the Sea)"



"To me (which is usually different than others) it means live your life to the fullest even with its obstacles, and not to be obvious while doing it. To forget about society and comformity."



"Simple and easy the title say it DO THE FUCK YOU WANT BE THE FUCK YOU WANNA BE  SAY THE FUCK YOU WANNA SAY BUT DON'T FUCK ME if i like to  sit all the goddamn in my ass is my problem  not yours do things and let the others do things."