Land Of Competition


"In this song I think Greg Graffin is talking about everyone all over the world (not only southern California like he says in the song) that think their so great and think their better then everyone else, and how other kids want to be like them but in the end they can't."



"I think that although it can be interpreted as being about closed-minded, ignorant groups everywhere, it is specifically about southern California.  Greg and the whole band spent years there and I believe they became disgusted with it.  Greg lives in New York now.  It's a lot like the Tool song 'Aenima'.  It's like, southern California is beyond repair, it should just die."

   -Jeremy Sell


"Being born Californians, BR may never know what brought them to a position that they actually CAN form a band and play songs instead of dying in streets like other kids. Therefore, if they are opposed to 'American dream' they might ask themselves wasn't it that dream that enabled them to live their lives the way they wanted ? We all strive for more and often we are above our community, for that part, L.o.C. is one of the best lyrics. Find time for something more, it says."



"I think this song is about preppy little teens who see something that they would make them cool (i.e. the punk scene) and start dressing that way, and listening to that music etc. when they are fake (and they won't be the best the'll be the posers who dress)."

    -Triple J