Part II (The Numbers Game)    Brett Gurewitz's Interpretation


"All the 'Part' songs are linked and Part II is the 1st one since Part I is now. I think this song is about a time when the powerful nations are becoming more and more powerful and getting more and more dominant. It makes a reference to 1984 ('big brother schemes to rule the nation') and the government in 1984 was all powerful. Anyway, I think it talks about an arms race that will eventually lead to a huge war (described in the song Part III)."



"This song is about imperialism etc. and how the government becomes more and more powerful and interfering with us, the 1984 reference and the 'with mighty high technology we're never second best, our specialty is infiltration' gives more evidence to this, 'the government obscures it with their own electric eye' also helps to strengthen this idea, read my other 'Part' things too."