The Dodo


"The Dodo was a large flightless bird, like the Ostrich, found around Australia. It had no predators thus it knew no fear. When Europeans colonized New Zealand, Australia, and the surrounding areas, they discovered this bird. They also discovered a new source of meat. The fearless bird would walk right up to the hunters, and investigate what they were. THUNK! The hunters resorted to using clubs to kill these stupid animals, as not to waste ammunition on something as easy to hunt as Jello. The Human Race has no predators. We sit around on our haunches and waste. Waste the Environment, our lives, our brains. Everything. No one acts on the problems of our society, worse yet, no one listens to anything anyone has to say. What happened to the Rainforest? Save this Save that...the only thing we have ever carried out is recycling, and even that we don't do well. When will we die? When will we become extinct like the Dodo?"



"I think the dodo's 'noble destiny' is being destroyed by a superior(?) race.  'As we watch our foundations erode' would it not be less embarrassing if we were destroyed by something stronger than us as opposed to destroying ourselves."

    -Master Zubie