"This song seems to me to be about how in today's society we are all just hiding behind masks.  For instance, the first verse, 'We duke it out, we change our views, we hold so dear our unanimity'  Obviously this is saying that through our voting system, we can say we are pro-whatever we want, and argue and argue about it, but in the end, when we're behind the curtain pressing the buttons, we can be as closed minded, and no one knows it was us.  The second verse kinda confuses me, so i'm gonna ignore it for now... hehe, anyway. The bridge almost sounds like Graffin is admitting he isn't perfect (sorry folks, gonna have to start tearing that alter down... j/k) by saying he's attacking the way 'you' (being a figure representing mainstream society) is so shallow, but all the while, Graffin is afraid he is the same way.  This could also be taken that most of society is afraid they are like someone else, which is such a bad thing, because we are all taught to be unique, but uniqueness has become mainstream, because uniqueness can be bought and sold at the mall."