News From The Front     Brett Gurewitz's Interpretation


"Let's start by looking at the Vietnam war. The US government put no publication/media ban on this particular war. Images such as Soldiers killing the innocent and Monks burning in protest emerged. This sparked a revolt among civilians and soldiers alike. Civilians never spat on soldiers upon their return, that is American propaganda. Soldiers, patriotic to their country, did go to the white house and throw their medals on the lawn in protest, they were greeted with joy by the people on their return. Americans were proud of their own but were not proud of the war and government. This was due mostly to the images and news emerging from Asia. Now, look at the gulf war. did we see the aftermath of American bombings on civilian targets? NO....we just saw images of a bomb dropping directly into a smokestack of a factory making a clean kill. The entire war was not fought with smart weapons. America carpet bombed cities just as they did in WWII. The total ordinance dropped in the gulf was (i think) equal to 3 times that of the second world war (nukes included). America only allowed the media to take what the pentagon wanted the media to take. (what would make the pentagon look good in the eyes of the people) This made American soldiers heroes; the children they killed enemies of the state; schools they bombed chemical plants, and blah blah blah. who said they were chemical plants? The pentagon. who put Sadam in Power? The pentagon. who is ignorant to this fact? the American people. The 'news from the front' may not always be that. It may be a fabrication or alteration of the truth. You decide which. But remember; you ! are here on your couch watching the 6:00 news, or reading the globe and mail. were you there on the front lines? did you actually see it? The American government is a far superior illusionist that David Copperfield. He made a The Statue of Liberty disappear with some skepticism by his viewers, the government; an entire war, and people disappear with out a question or doubt by it's people."

   - R.P.M.


"To me, New From The Front is a song about the wrath and epidemic of the AIDS virus. The first words of the song do a good job establishing this: 'Blood is a river, flowing darkly midst the tangled roots of a tall and shining city.' It goes on to talk about ignorance of the disease, and how this ignorance is what allows for it's continued rampage across the world's population. The line 'Break down the barriers, ally the carriers/What is you motivation?/Take a good look in the mirror.' The barriers being the lack of public education and concern over AIDS and the carriers being those infected with HIV."



"First hearing the song / reading the song - it can appear to be about a war. very much like the first entry. but after reading the second entry (the one about aids) I am convinced that is what the song is about. I think the second entry is totally right on when it comes to defining this song."



"I've read an Interview with Mr. Brett, in which he clarified that the song is about Aids.  However, the first interpretation was very informative (I highly recommend a course in Military History to anyone, even if it is only an elective in your program.)"



"Just to add to the AIDS interpretation: 'Break down the barriers, ally the carriers.' To me, 'carriers' obviously refers to carriers of the disease, who need to unite to have their cause heard."

   -Dave C