Markovian Process


"I think this song is simply about the fact that human beings historically destroy the environment with no concern  on how this could effect their descendents."



"When an species becomes extinct, it's genes are removed from the gene pool. This is what biologists call the 'markovian process'. It's not very often we find Greg referring to himself, but for the first two lines he does. In the first half of the song, I think he is talking about how when he's long gone, there will be no more people that give a damn because people who care are no longer the majority. When the melody changes, he describes the people that will be left. In the last two lines: 'Prove to our descendants what we did to them, then make us go away' he's basically saying 'Hey look at what kind of genes we left for you!'"



"The markovian process is a biological term, meaning that we just didn't appear from nowhere. That we evolved, and from each parent race or whatever. We picked up some of their genes, they were passed through each generation, perhaps in small amounts, but they were still there. This provides less variety, but it follows the 'go with what works' way of thinking. That's my interpretation."



"I've read that the Markovian Process allows one to forecast the future based on the present state of things. 'Today is a window/Tomorrow the landscape.' Look at tomorrow through the window of today."



"A Markovian Process is when a species over evolves (such as humans) such that it extends it's natural boundaries. Then when the species dies out, evolution recognizes that as being over evolved and takes the species back an evolutionary step. Much like humans will be, or as individual humans are. Perhaps this is why we can't seem to make any progress. . ."

    -Kyoto Then