Lose As Directed


"Lose As Directed, an obviously sarcastic song.  The song is about our lives being planned and how the mainstream society wants us to follow along in the 'master plan' and not deviate.  The idea of 'Lose As Directed' being that if we follow along in this plan we're destined to fall to a close minded, mouth-sewed-shut death.  The first verse about decision making, 'two ways to go but she can't decide.'  You get the point.  The second, the boy in the verse is raised to a life of privilege and he's just going to grow up like his father (master), and his mind will just be 'a book of instructions' how to act, what to say, what to do, etc.  The last verse is about how a monkey in a zoo never has to think, decide, or fend for itself, but the last line says it best, 'it's not exactly what you would call free!' (the monkey's in a freakin' cage)."