Dream Of Unity


"This song is obviously about working all you life to achieve your goal and then have your allies abandon you when you need them the most."



"I interpret this song, dream of unity, as being just that... a dream.  This song is about how no matter how much we try or talk about being unified... we never strive towards the perfection we talk about."



"Although it may not be one of their greatest songs musically I believe it sends a very good message lyrically.  'I had a dream of unity/Where we would work side by side,' reveals that there are people in this world today that believe in the eradication of
racism and that two people, no matter ethnicity, can work together to achieve a common goal.  'But today I see that that it's only me/Just trying to get by,' shows that even with people trying to be racially optimistic that there is no way around it in any
society.  'Sometimes we strive, undeterred/To walk as one towards our goal,' I believe means that no matter how much one is chastised, if they believe in their goals they can eventually reach them.  'But as people stray toward more selfish ways/We see we have no control,' shows that in the end it will be too difficult for one person to control because of the way in which society is heading.  Dream of Unity is a very powerful song lyrically because of the harsh realities it shows about today's society."

    -James Bruner, Florida USA, December 19th, 2001


"A song of a man dreaming and waiting of unity, where the world he lives is not secure anymore. everything disorder..."