We're Only Gonna Die


"Simple. People don't plan for the future on the most part. We live day to day, trying to make each day better for us, and maybe trying to make our own life times better. However, this is done with no foresight. Look at what the industrial revolution did...It caused us to use up most of our fossil fuels and ores. "so what" they say, "someone else will come up with alternative fuel supplies and new alloys made of recycled material"....NO THEY WON'T! Because EVERYONE is saying the same thing. "we're only gonna die from our own arrogance". Too bad we are forced to come up with the best technological advancements during war."



"It's also too bad that these technological advancements that are formed during war are formed for the use of mass destruction.   It makes you wonder why these technologies are so two sided. A perfect example is nuclear power; one side is the nuclear warheads and the other is nuclear power."



"This isn't really an explanation about WOGD. This song applies so well to what I heard about Hitler so I decided to finally post it. 'Early man walked away as modern man took control.' I heard that Hitler before his madness was a very nice guy. And since he changed so much, you can say he was two person. 'Their minds weren't all the same, to conquer was his goal.' In his madness, he wanted to conquer the world 'So he built his great empire and slaughtered his own kind.' Hitler built the Nazi Empire and slaughtered 6 mil men. 'Then he died a confused man, killed himself with his own mind.' Hitler killed himself when he realized that he his plans failed. And since he made those plans, he 'killed himself with his own mind.' 'We're only gonna die from our own arrogance.' Hitler was an arrogant bastard [at least while he was mad]."



"I agree with the two first ones the most. I think it's about man and man's behaviour in general, however you can also interpret it to fit the story of Hitler. (Most of Hitler's friends used to be Jews, until Adolf began reading some anti-semitic books....)"



"First time I heard this song I was hooked. first off, I think the lyrics are absolutely genius, painting an accurate portrayal of the lust for power and how it intensifies as the decades roll by. It focuses on the newfound greed of an anonymous Man.. I interpret the use of 'Man' as to symbolize all of basic humanity.. who becomes so enveloped in achieving top order that he eventually drives himself mad and ends his own life. there is the Machiavellian sense of man thinking that he will be loved and revered if he slaughters everything in his path in order to expand his realm of rule, yet in the end he finds that he definitely is not, for he finishes it off by killing everyone and he's left alone. that is Man's big fear, of being alone and vulnerable, and to be able to admit that we are is an extremely difficult thing to do. ...and as for destroying all those who serve beneath you, of course they rebelled - - previously free people who find themselves suddenly ! enslaved under a tyrannous grasp aren't just going to sit back and relax... they're gonna fuck your shit up."

    -Carpe Noctem


"Greg said it all in those 5 lines. The words impressed me very much because it seemed so true. Like many of Bad Religion's songs, it takes on a negative/cynical view of the world and mankind in general. And they have a genuine point to make here, because most of what they are saying probably will come true. I don't know if this is gonna relate to the song or not, but a thought came to me recently: mankind as a whole has a limited lifespan. I figured out before that the world will not end with us here, but rather it'll end well after we're all dead, because we keep destroying ourselves and can't solve our fundamental problems. I arrived at that thought after thinking about the dinosaurs and how they died out after having lived a long time, from causes unknown. (Was it an asteroid? I think so, but its difficult to prove). I guess when you look at the world from a big picture-type viewpoint such as that, you can begin to see how trivial everything is over the course of millions of years. Also, YOUR impact on live becomes a centerpoint. I want to make my mark on civilization before I die. I don't know how I'll do it, but I wanna be remembered for something. Shit, I got off the subject there, but I already was anyway."