Walk Away

"One might imagine, upon hearing this song, a character who feels tied to society for some reason.  Maybe Mr. Fletcher always intuitively felt like things in his society are not quite right, but isn't sure how to take command, so he decides, or rather fantasizes*, on leaving (fantastic* the panic that showed in his eyes).  There seems to be a possibility of mild schizophrenia.  There could be a number of reasons that keep him from walking away.  Maybe he can't disappoint his parents.  Perhaps he married when he was young and has emotionally outgrown his wife, who remains tied to society.  We don't know.  As for 'shut off the TV', we have since learned well Brett's thoughts about TV.  Peeling 'off those Sunday gloves' may refer to church. Gloves protect and cover from the reality of the outside cold.  The chorus shows how Fletcher really feels: 'He is going to take some time to burn his bridges.' This shows how much pent-up frustration he has.  It also says that he has figured out, that one way he can remain away is to do something that will make his exile permanent.  He doesn't trust himself.  The man seems very determined, but like many who form romantic ideas as a way to escape pain, Fletcher seems to have trouble actually carrying out his plan.  In the end we find that he doesn't leave.  When people have brief conversations about the weather, they are usually doing little more than filling an empty space in what should be conversation.  This is a very stark contrast to what Fletcher had been like previously (which also makes one suspect a bipolar disorder).  Also, if there is something old to pay, it indicates that he is not burning bridges, but rather mending them."