Victims Of The Revolution


"Well, I'll be the first to say, I have no clue on this song, really, but perhaps now that there's an entry for it someone will be browsing through and bestow their interpretation upon us...  Now going over the lyrics one more time before I finish, I think Mr. Graffin is on his soap box preaching about the negative consequences of war again."



"I think this song is basically talking about just as the title implies 'victims' of humanity's incessant attempts to change things violently. It talks about 'the loser's plight' - the people who died in a losing battle. In the first verse it talks about 'our progeny sit in silence, thinking 'what about us.'  Thus, the other victims of the revolution are the future generations who have to inherit a fucked up world which did not have the foresight or compassion to plan for their well-being."