"A synopsis of America's naive embracement of industrial science and how the consumer public's ultimate goal will always be convenience over reality.  It addresses our fixation on short-term results and how it's as if we purposely close our eyes to the long-term effects in fear that we may have to give up those conveniences and change our habits.  How this mentality will not only be our individual downfall, but how we are creating a toxic world for future generations to deal with.  It's addressing the childlike mentality of the perception that problems don't exist if they aren't immediate and tangible - like DDT, global warming and PCB contamination.  Finally, the parts per million chorus shows that while we occasionally do admit that there is potential for our actions to be damaging, we justify the actions by the idea that the world is a big place that will be able to dilute the pollutants that we constantly pump into it.   We accept a certain threshold of contamination in order to perpetuate our ego-centric consumption, which, of course, is unacceptable."



"The US make up approximately  3% of the worlds population, yet the US are responsible for some 20% of the pollution produced in the world. Coherence?"