Two Babies In The Dark     Brett Gurewitz's Interpretation

"My interpretation of the song, a few lines at a time.

>There's a light on in the hallway, so I can't understand, >Why you hide underneath the covers. >There's a baby in your womb, so don't be scared tonight, >Because Raggedy Ann is in the closet picking posies. This verse sort of sets the tone for the rest of the song; an empty house, a light on in the hallway, but with nobody in the other room. There's a baby on the way, so nothing could ever harm you.

>Two babies in the dark, like diamonds in the sand, >While papa's far away making up children's stories >The little one's inside, so afraid to be alone, >She's trying to be brave until the daddy comes home The chorus, to me, shows what this song's really about; there's two babies in the dark, sitting home alone in the dark, while papa, the soldier, is far away. He's making the history that'll be a children's story someday, while the kids are at home. So afraid of being alone, but being a brave little girl for her daddy. Putting it in historical context(The Gulf War), I think it's about all those little boys and girls whose fathers went off into the Middle East, and what they felt while they were away, with some of them never to come back.

>So if you chance to see her, please tell her it's alright, >'Cause everyone fights the tendency to snap. >Sometimes it's not a matter of being brave and strong, >'Cause noises in the house are terrifying. This part is, I think, a little reassurance that the father wishes he could send home. Comforting words, saying that everything's all right, it's ok to be frightened, etc.

>I'll put you to sleep at night, like a foreign movie. >I'll sing you lullabies, and I'll teach you about everything. >And I'll only ask one thing, please save me. I'm not sure how this fits in with the rest of the song, but they sum up to this; I'll help you sleep, I'll teach you whatever you want to know, I'll sing to you at night, I'll read you stories, anything; just save me in return. Maybe it means 'I'll do anything, just get me home?'"

   -Shingo Sabin Beyeler