Tiny Voices

"This song is about the fact that we go to sleep every night and wake up every morning happy and content suppressing our knowledge about all the pain and suffering occurring in third world nations.  Meanwhile, in our subconscious minds, while we sleep,  we hear these 'tiny voices' screaming for help, but we are still not inclined to do anything about it. In the first verse it says we go to bed soon to lay 'supine'  which cleverly defines both as 1. lying on your back face upwards and 2. not inclined to take action."



"I think the last interpretation was pretty dead on, except for one thing. I'm not sure that the suffering that is being mentioned is really about people in third world countries. I always thought it was much more local, and maybe even a mental struggle as opposed to a physical one. I think the line, 'waking a bear a cosmetic peace that verifies the turmoil which we carry deep inside' is a good indication of internal conflict. About what is anybody's guess. My initial feeling was about how we treat others and how we are treated in return."

   -Adam Style


"I think you're both right. I always thought the tiny voices represented ALL the suffering in the world, past and present, outside and inside our minds."

   -Mr. Greg


"I always thought this song was about our primal urges surfacing, and our want to be recognized. We weren't made to be in such a society. So many of our common practices seem to go against our natural instincts, that's why there's so much stupid shit going on. IE: War, domestic violence. I think we were meant to leave home much earlier than we do. And who invented this marriage shit? Why does everyone's life have to stay in the path of growing up, getting married and having kids?"



"Greg G said the song was influence by the fighting and conflagration in Bosnia at the time he wrote it. It's very much what you all were talking about. We go to sleep every night content, oblivious to the problems of the world, and how we shrug off any bad feelings about those problems with pity and thanks."