There Will Be A Way


"I think this one is about that everyone is dependant on someone to guide them through life, even if it is god. But eventually, that person can become influenced by their guide, and just shut their eyes presuming that they will be lead out of a problem."



"I think this song is about dreams of a better society. The line "And there's sure to be bumps and distractions" says that it won't be easy to build a better society, but the overall meaning is that There Will Be A Way to a better society if we try. I think somebody said that The Prize that Greg sings about is your goals in life, and if you "rab the prize" you fulfill those goals that in this song is to build a better society. "And I don't know where we are going but we're here on this ride And we'll stand side by side all along the way" and "There will be you, there will be me, there will be a way" is about us working togeather to create a better society, but divided we fall!"