The World Won't Stop

"You're not important. You mean very little to this world. You could walk outside tomorrow and be killed by a runaway piano, but the world would go on. No matter how much money you're worth, how popular you are, or how much you contribute to your fellow man, your death won't hinder the flow of time."

   -Amish Rake Fighter


"The above entry is tragically true. Yes, it is safe to say that if someone who lived in the safest place in America was killed on the front porch of their lovely suburban home, no one would care! Why? It's all in the name of progress and narcissism. 'Get ahead even if it means to kill a man'--Resist; nobody gives a damn if the guy at work dies because the well deserved position of higher promotion has finally arrived! And nobody gives a damn if Jane Doe became hurt in a horrific freak accident unless under the following circumstance: 'If only your veins were filled with oil, the world would rush to your rescue'-Aus-Rotten. And no one cares if more people continue to die, not only for the reason that death is inevitable. It's for the reason that as individuals in a constantly progressive society, the basic characteristics of early man until the present have been lost by the series of changes in the existence of mankind. In my opinion, Greg Graffin attempts to send this message in this song, in the whole album of 'Suffer', and in many of his other writings as well. 'We are all but dust on the evolutionary map; wafting towards our extinction, waiting for the second Big Bang{Anthropogenisis:line 30}.'

   -Martina B.