The State Of The End Of The Millennium Address

"I want to share my thoughts on 'The state of the end of the millennium address'. This song, though not musically rich, sends an interesting message gradually through sarcasm. It starts off by being the good government and then throws the truth right in our faces by saying what those in power really think or unconsciously do. I talked to a lot of BR fans, and I feel I'm the only one who admires this song, please, I would like to know more opinions on the lyrics from other people who loved this song (or hated it too). Thank you."

    -Francis Gregoire


"Yes, not much music in this one but what a message... I almost every time listen to it with tears in the eyes...'Today you are freer than ever to do what you want...provided you can pay for it'...'we have arrived neighbours, we are a privileged elite' and then the guitar. As you must know, I'll be a great movie star (someday)...and I'll win an Oscar shit and...I'll say this song to the self-important audience and I'll end up like this : 'This rage is dedicated to Mister Greg Graffin and Bad Religion ! Keep up the fight !' ...well...wait and see..."