The Lie


"Person who forget his roots pretend to be other kind of people and betray his soul."



"Okay. I think that this song is pretty straight forward and don't know why no one has already interpreted this song yet. It pretty much is talking about all of the insignificant and trivial dreams of the people in this world. In this way you are lying to yourself and denying the truth to your mind. As the chorus goes, 'Why do you lie, why do you lie? Would you betray your soul? Why do you lie, why do you lie? Don't let you weakness show.' Everyone dreams and fantasies about their future but are then prone to their mental downfall. 'The Lie' represents the 'common people' and their longing for success and luxury and, additionally, dream and 'lie' to theirselves that they can and will obtain and attain this state or thing."



"This song is about sect gurus or christian preachers. Especially those who, at first, consciously lie to the mindless followers. Until they reache the fatal end where they, too, get to believe their own lies."

    -Agent 23