The Hopeless Housewife


"Not necessarily about the empowerment of women, but about the need for a person to stand up for how the feel and make a lasting difference to the world- your history was never read, instead your mute and fawn, just waiting to die...  clearly a message to change the world as much as you can- a reoccurring theme in Bad Religion songs."



"This song is about standing up and defending your opinions, no matter how you think people will react to them. It is important to change things that you feel are unjust, and even if you don't succeed, at least you'll have tried and the decent people will respect your efforts. But if you do nothing, you might as well just sit down and wait to die because you're not helping the cause. Also, you should never abandon a goal because the fear that you might lose something along the way. 'You've got to proceed no matter how bad you want to stay.' No one should be silenced because someone tells them they're wrong, that is something I'm sure many of us have had to deal with."



"Femenists are commonly looked down upon as radicals and man-haters and a variety of other terrible titles. However, they stand for issues that many women actually support or cry out for in their minds, and that is what BR is trying to relate. Every woman who has found herself huddled behind her husband, donning yellow dish-washing gloves, stifles her own views to some extent and BR is desperately trying to coax their secret hopes and beliefs into the open. "But you can change while you're alive!" he calls to all the women who are repressed under the weight of peer pressure and the old cult of domesticity that has never faded from American culture. Like the title of the album suggests, he is calling for a new America, and it is time, I believe he is saying, for the voiceless women who live in "1950's fantasies" to erupt and even support feminists (God forbid)."