The Defense


"To my firm opinion, this song points out the dead-end that our world has reached. People don't have an opportunity to fulfill their dreams, and this leads them to madness and despondency. Today, in a 'perilous' world, it isn't even beautiful to be alive ('yeah! right..). But the only option left for us is to fight against this situation. Bad Religion fight against it with their songs. This is their 'sound defense'."

    -Greek Punker


"I think the song is pretty straight forward, with the exception of the bridge. I think it is very symbolic. My guess is the signpost on the corner refers to the statue of liberty, and it's keeping everybody safe because it is supposedly a symbol of freedom, almost like a personal assurance. I think the mother refers to either the president or the federal government in general, and patching all the cracks in the wall means dealing with foreign relations."

    -Adam Style


"This one covers a lot of ground. IMO. People today are consumed with what is brought to them. Laziness.... When something comes natural and makes it easy, hitch that ride. Remember, we only get one shot at life. Make it a blast. Don't worry about 'sin', for you won't see 'heaven' nor 'hell'. Why are people afraid of nothing? It covers a lot of ground, as I stated before. I was wanting to make a correction in the lyrics of this song.. if you listen carefully, during the chorus, Greg g screams NO SENSE, NO GOD... the backup vocals scream no guide.... IMO... =) since there are obvious mistakes in the sleeve of the album for this song."

    -Mr. Gonzales


"The defense is about the government and how they watch over you and how no one has the balls to construct a smart way of telling them off and trying to get our rights."

    -Triple J


"To me, this song is about setting up emotional walls or a 'defense' against all the chaos of modern life. A defense against, government corruption, those mean kids at school, backstabbers at work, and society in general. Any other thoughts...?"



"The chaos of life is not meant to be fought against or even ignored,but embraced. Random,purly random, events make life worth living. As Tool so beautifully put it "Finding the beauty in the dissonance".  Bob"

    -Magic Bob