"I thought there would already be an explanation for this song, so I'll try to do my best on this.  I think Tested talks about the religious belief that there is a place to go when you die (in the Christian and Catholic term: 'heaven') but you need to pass a test: its beliefs and commandments, and you will need to follow them all your life so that when you die you go to the 'place free of trouble and care'.  This song it's somewhat criticizing these religious laws, and the song also tries to make you learn that all you have to do is to do what you think and feel it's right."



"I think it talks about death. I think it's about humans facing their biggest test and going to heaven: 'They say there's a place free of trouble and care (heaven) and you have to pass a test for to make it there.'"



"To me, this song talks not only about having to live morally 'right' and without sin in order to hopefully get into heaven, but also about the fact that we are faced with so many situations in which we must decide the best course of action. We are bound to make mistakes. Nobody can live a life without sin. 'Bombarded by multiple choices 24/7. Navigating a tangled web of logic and passion.'"