Ten in 2010


"This is about how in the year 2010 the earth's population will reach and pass an estimated 10 billion people.  This is gonna cause a SHIT LOAD of problems and mostly leading down the inevitable road to war."



"Don't forget that if we all don't die in a war that the exhaustion of the earth's resources due to the large population will definitely get us eventually.  It's weird 'knowing' you're going to die, hopefully for us it will be of old age, not war or starvation. As for our children..."



"I think that it was in the 2000 time life Century review special that ecologists publicly stated that with the way humanity is progressing, by 2050 we shall cease to exist."



"This song reminds me a lot about Hitler. We're all humans, but he had to find the smallest part that makes us different, and used it to make war."



"Response to the second reply to the interpretation: You really think we'll still be here by 2050? We're probably the biggest liability to this planet. Laziness dominates us and we get whatever's coming to us, whenever it's coming to us."

   -The Grasshopa


"Ten in 2010 seems to be an understatement in today's in time. We already have 6.5 billion people on the earth and it's only 2001 [ the latest figures from demography studies indicate the opposite: we won't have reached ten billion by 2010 -ed. ]. But if you think about it, it's very true in the fact that the people of the world will be starving and fighting with each other to stay alive. I think that when he says, 'haves and have-nots together at last' is very true, people will no longer consider themselves in a higher class because all people will be fighting to stay alive. Money won't matter, or if you're a part of the upper class, food and water will make you rich, not money or a nice car and home. I think the only solution to stopping the rise in population is to put limits on birth in the world. Otherwise there will be 'Ten billion people all suffering.'"

   -James Bruner


"I don't think those lines were meant to be about diminishing the lines of class because of some common enemy.  I think the general gist of the song is based around the problem with overpopulation and how no one apparently gives a shit but I think people are thrown off by the 3rd and 4th lines. Greg uses the terms 'haves and have-nots' which was a phrase coined by Karl Marx in his Communist Manifesto.  Marx believed that the classes ('haves and have nots together at last') would fight in a massive class struggle ('brutally engaged in mortal combat') resulting in the have-nots (proletariats) winning and forming a perfect communist society.  I think these lines were added for a bit of irony in that amidst the end of our entire civilization, we have finally taken steps to making it better. On a personal note, I must say that my outlook on the future of humanity is not as bleak as it may seem.  No one pities the stupidity of man as much as I do and I think something earth shaking (not quite shattering...) will happen in the near future that will send the entire species into recession but I think that we will ultimately survive and in another thousand years, be taking another proverbial razor to our wrist."