"'Supersonic' is about the disposability of flash-in-the-pan pop culture (but then again, all pop culture is flash-in-the-pan). As was increasingly evident in the 90s (and still is today), a triple platinum artist today may very well be 'outstripped by the pace of cultural change' and left flat broke tomorrow (MC Hammer, anyone?)."

   -Amish Rake Fighter


"I think that this song is on the pop culture of America and any other country.  In the last couple of decades we made such big changes and that what we wear changed the way we dress and talk. I also, for some strange reason think it has some spiritual meaning to it when they say 'does life exist beyond it'."



"I agree with the spiritual thing. In a deep meditative state you enter nothingness, oblivion. So basically, when the world get's to crazy and one needs to 'sate' go deep into the state of mind where nothing exists."



"It is clear that this song includes ideas of pop culture, but only as pop culture is enveloped within the idea of change as a whole.  The song begins with the premise of the nature of time, but the implication is not just what the nature of time is (as we know it to be a physical property, thanks to Einstein), but what time is in relation to man. 'Does life exist beyond it(?)' may be a reference to life after death, but it would be the only one of its kind in the song.  While the remainder of the songs militate against this interpretation (especially Materialist and Epiphany), the underlying, metaphysical theme of personal, eternal significance divorced from temporal, material life may coincide with this idea. The song displays not only the idea of change from generation to generation, but the change within one's own life, and that life for an individual is defined by a certain set of ideas and circumstances.  Once these ideas and circumstances change, as they are bound to do, is the individual now lost or is there life beyond that point?  I think this is the more sensible meaning of this verse. The idea that we are all stripped by the 'Arrow of Time' is redolent in the message, yet the underlying question is whether or not permanent significance can be found in anything done by anyone in transit.  The lyric, 'My deeds are senseless and rendered meaningless when measured in that vein,' shows that while there is a nonsensical notion of permanent significance involved in discussing man and time, lending toward nihilism, the point of departure is the method of measurement.  Even Bad Religion wants to find a way to measure personal significance in a world that coldly outpaces even the swiftest and the brightest."



"Per the previous posts interpretation of spirituality in the line 'does life exist beyond it' I don't see it so much as a spiritual question but more of an observation of the lengths people will go to totally immerse themselves in pop culture as if there were no life outside of it.  Actually, to me it pretty much sums up the whole song."

    -Frank Black


"I think it goes beyond pop culture. Not just our fashion is changing quickly, but all our living conditions, the way we work etc.. We are moving faster than ever, everywhere. We have to think faster than our parents. We have to be flexible in this times of  'information pollution' and the 'service sector' as a 'job machine', which means able to change our home, our job etc. quickly."

    -Miss Portinari


"This is personal interpretation, but I don't feel these lyrics address pop culture.  This song (to me) speaks about the increasing complexity (pace) of human life.  As we become more technologically advanced and daily responsibilities increase, more and more education is needed just to 'join the human race.'  If we wish to sate our desire for the indulgences we've become accustomed to, it's necessary to pick up the pace, and the demands increase exponentially '. . .into oblivion'  This process has and continues to outstrip entire sub-cultures, such as the small-farmer."



""Supersonic" is about our fast-paced lifestyle.  Sometimes you have to lose track of your own life in order to keep up with the pace of makes life feel meaningless."



"It's about those people who have to be doing something constantly, who need to have something in front of them at all times.  Those who take up 3 jobs and take full time college courses and feel anxious and nervous when they have nothing to do."



"could it be about the effects of speed? "When I need to sate, I just accelerate into oblivion""

    -Alma Mater