Spirit Shine


"Spirit Shine is about having some compassion for the ones hurt. You must take change your views on things in order to look things differently and perhaps in a better way. We must try new approaches to things that seem impossible. I think that's pretty much the theme of the song."

   -Bad Aeronuts


"My interpretation of Spirit Shine is that those who are so concerned about letting their 'spirit shine' are those who have been taken advantage of by religious leaders.  I think it may come from a parable in the bible (hence the line 'cling tight to the parable, let it dominate your life'). Kids in Sunday school are taught from a young age (through song and instruction) to let their 'light' shine.  Their parents instill in them this fear of an almighty, moral mythological being on whom they should always depend.  These young minds come to feel that they are always being attacked by another cunning and evil being, who is always enticing them to sin (It's a sign of a tortured mind).  In the end, it seems that religion 'can render you blind.'  Brilliant poetry by Graffin.  Anyway, anyone w/ a different thought, let us know."



"Maybe the proper explanation may be a combination of the two above.  From what I've seen, Christians can be giving, but for the wrong reason. Giving for the sake of humanity is not the same as giving in response to a command from a god.  It may not be true altruism, but an attempt to let one's 'spirit shine.'"