Sowing The Seeds Of Utopia


"This song is directed to those 'high powered' people we call politicians.  Basically, the message of this song is that politicians care more for themselves, their campaign and your vote (just your vote, not you) than the people themselves. They fabricate lies and false hope in order to win people over.  Even when they know what they are doing and it is evident that they are false in their actions they just use their charisma and 'insist they are right' with their course of action.  The people under rule, who matter the most, are the people who suffer after their 4-8 year rule is over, their goals are half done and the politician is wealthy.  The line, 'you invoked a convenient amnesia' basically sums up their actions; their 'forgetfulness' towards the real problems and issues is very convenient for their own self gain."