"This song, I think is about the end of the world and the point that all of us as a whole are killing it.  Graffin also makes the point that we should not waste our time with stupid little worries cause our lives are short and we will all be dead one day."

   -The Reapa


"I think the song is great. It was years before I grew up really started paying attention to the lyrics on Stranger Than Fiction, but all the lyrics still get to me. In a good way. I think in this song, Graffin pretty much means that life is short and we'd better try to make our lives worth while. Like the line 'If life makes you scared and bitter, at least it' not for very long'. He's sort of uh, I guess 'sardonically' would be the word I'm looking for, saying that life's short and if you're going to spend it being depressed, then don't worry, because life's short. So in a way he's also saying  'ey buddy, cheer up!' That's my rough take on this excellent song."

   -Old School Wannabe


"This is a song that will help you get through your tough times. I'm not one to make music my entire life, but I do make music a very large part of my life because it is very important to me. Almost exactly a year ago, I was downtown here in Gainesville, Florida (I go to UF), and some drunken redneck hit me in the face, knocking out four of my teeth. I was supposed to go see BR in Jacksonville less than a week later, but I didn't feel well and couldn't go to the show. After this lovely "welcome to college" event, which happened during my first semester here, my whole world came crumbling down around me (and I swear it has nothing to do with the sole fact that I missed a BR show). I fell into a severe depression, and this song helped me keep my spirits up at times. Every time my situation got me down, I would look at the piece of paper on my desk that said that one simple word, 'SLUMBER,' and I would think. I would think about the words to the song, and how they related to what I was going through at the time, and it comforted me. It made me feel a little better, helped me to lift up my head and walk away, knowing that we're all in this together for such a short time, anyway. Thanks, Greg."

   -Doug, aka justaminorthreat


"I would have to agree w/ the idea that the song is about how life is short and that you should waste time being depressed. but I truly believe that this song saved my life. About 3 years ago my life had seemingly fallen apart. I had a run in w/ the law I was having a terrible social life and felt uncomfortable at school and my father had expressed extreme hatred towards me. I had thought about committing suicide when I listened to this song. I believe the part where it goes your life is historically meaningful and spans a significant time is what stopped me for doing something dumb. And now my life is going pretty well and I am just about where I want to be. And I would like to thank BR for writing such a great song."