Recipe For Hate


"A very complex song (due to its scientific lingo) that must be read straight out of the booklet several times, 'Recipe For Hate' basically is Graffin's way of telling people why there's hate in this world--all the reasons he thought of, obviously.     In the line 'the promise of prosperity' he talks about how humans are driven to do whatever it takes for money ('money is the cause of all evil,' a popular saying states), putting all their hopes in a leader than most of the time is looking for money himself. For example, Adolf Hitler promised the Germans the return of Germany as a world power and the domination of the Earth. In 1978, P.L.O. (Palestinian Liberation Front) leaders promised Palestinians the return of their homeland if they joined them in the 4th invasion of Israel. This was called the Yom Kippur War, but the P.L.O. and its followers lost and up to this date they hate the Israelis.      In the lines 'the spread of culture,' 'the sword of progress,' and 'the vector of suffrage' Greg states more reasons. By 'the spread of culture' he means how cultural diffusion (movement of one's culture to another nation) leads to hate from the natives toward the foreigners and a wanting for the invaders to make the natives part of them. In 'the sword of progress' he states how people and governments will deforestate and take away the land of others in the name of the nation's sake. In the 'vector of suffrage,' (first of all, vector is something that has direction and magnitude, such as weight, force, and velocity; it's a scientific term, as you can deduce) Graffin states how indifferences in society and freedoms cause internal and external problems--equality is a big issue.     Finally, my favorite line from this album, 'the blood of the hybrid' (hybrid is any organism that has mixed traits, meaning one trait is dominant and the other recessive, but the recessive is overwhelmed by the dominant trait, for example blood type. A pure blood type is quite rare and it's always mixing as you inherit it from your parents. Again, a scientific term.) I think talks specifically about Hitler's campaign to create a the 'master' race--the Aryan, which according to the Nazis is 'superior' to all other races--and destroy all other people who are not pure.      Definitely, one of Greg's best song. Awesome lyrics, if you understand them."

   -Bad Aeronuts


"Good clarification on scientific terms and lyrics used in the story, Aeronuts, one comment about the 'sword of progress' though.  This could be a reference to a double-edged sword.  On the one hand, the new ideas and technology that are propelling us into the future, and on the other hand all the problems that development of these new things can cause."

   -Captain Sensible


"Thank you, Captain Sensible. That actually is a pretty good idea. Thanks for adding to my definition. In case you might want to email me, send it to"

   -Bad Aeronuts


"I disagree with one thing in the first interpretation. I believe that the 'blood of the hybrid' line has to do with people getting angry over 'Race Mixing' in America."