Punk Rock Song


"This song has got to be one of the most straight forward Bad Religion songs on Grey Race, if not their entire collection.  'Ol Greg speaks on some of the most significant world issues facing the human race today; hundreds of thousands of infant mortality in African nations due to malnutrition and the poverty cycle, third world population surplus, and of course each election new politicians with the same empty promises (nothing changes). My favorite line from Punk Rock Song is: 'big strong people unwilling to give, small in vision and perspective'.  Corporations? Governments?  It's sad to know that we have enough resources, finance and technology to COMPLETELY ERADICATE WORLD HUNGER yet instead we hoard the resources to ourselves all in the name of personal profit.  Damn agribusiness."



"This song is pretty straight forward.  It's about how people as fortunate as me and you to live in a wealthy country doesn't care about any one but ourselves.  Graffin says 'In this land of competition the compassion is gone, yet we ignore the needy and we keep pushin on.' I think he is saying how all of us know about how bad it is for the people who live in third world countries, but know one does anything about it. Then he says 'Like ants in a colony we do our share, but there's so many other fuckin insects out there,' there I think he is trying to say while some of us do our share to help, some many others don't. He also talks about how we blow money on pointless things instead of helping others. And I think that the fact that the song is called 'Punk Rock Song' shows that this is basically what all punk rock songs our about, just another statement no one will listen to."



"This is about how limited of an effect Bad Religion has, due to the fact that they're just singing songs about problems to people that probably already realize that this is the case (preaching to the choir, so to speak). He points out that even if the members of Bad Religion and the people listening are doing what they can to resolve some of the world's issues, it's in no way enough since there are many, many more people that aren't ('There's so many other insects/robots out there'). Greg points out that nothing has changed, despite all the rhetoric that we've been fed ('Nothing's ever changed'), and that punk rock songs will have a limited effect."



"The very first BR song I ever heard. It was back in 1996 (yeah, I'm a junior if compared to you who have been fans for 20 years or so) when I heard it from the radio. Didn't really notice it then, it was just another fairly good song. But about one and a half years ago I heard it again. And it was great. The lyrics really make you think. 'The faces always different, the rhetoric the same, but we swallow it all and we see nothing change.' Could it be more true? No matter who is in charge, the things always go the same way, and those who are not in charge, stay muted and do anything they are told to do. 'Big strong people, unwilling to give / small in vision and perspective / one in five kids below the poverty line, one population running out of time.' Yeah, there's no limit to people's greediness. The rich get richer and don't care if the poor stay poor. There's just one little but. If things stay this way, the only possible result is disaster. At some point, somewhere, someone is really going to have enough of it, and after that it's all downhill. The marks are already there, the riots in Seattle -99, Göteborg and Genova this year, terrorist attack to USA, and all the smaller conflicts, school murders in Columbus and elsewhere etcetera. One population running out of time.

Like I said, this was the first BR song I heard. Since then many BR songs have gone past this, and I consider this a mediocre song in the whole, but the lyrics are still awesome. Thank you, Mr.. Graffin."