Prove It


"OK, well the first lyric 'Hit the road...' is just kind of setting up the complete haste and pace of his life as an active musician. Kind of says 'Shoot first...Ask questions later'. The 'My heart is not...' lyric says I am not out living my life to prove what I am to you. I'm just trying to be the best person I can be. 'Mistakes are another opportunity to refine' just basically expresses that, yes he made some mistakes in life but the important thing is that he learned from them. the 'There's no such thing as hell' part is just him expressing that life is all what you make of it. If you want can make it. 'There's no proof necessary, it's only in your mind' addresses the ramoant pomposity in the punk scene. Punk kids feel BR as a band have something to them, but this is Greg expressing 'You can think we need to prove ourselves as much as you like...But its only you who feels there is something to be proven...not me.'"

    -Live In Fear


"This song is basically about how beliefs, proofs, and decisions based on emotion are flawed. -'my heart is not a cold cauldron of proof'. This particularly applies to religion where the only 'proof' of the existence of god is an emotional presence people feel when practicing religion. Emotions are unreliable and inconclusive and therefore can't be accepted as proof. -'there may be a day when emotion can be quantified but as of now there is no proof necessary'."

    -Thought Crime