Portrait Of Authority


"In my opinion, this song is a comparison between Jesus and a world leader, probably the president. The first part is about Jesus and how he has a large following even though he is nothing but an icon. The second part is about the leader who has the power and the bombs but he will never be anything compared to Jesus. 'He can't muster the support.'"

   -The Reapa


"This song is about authority in general, and how we are afraid to rebel against it.  'No body has the will to tear it down.'  Also how it is a set of rules made by one person that everyone must follow.  'It determines wrong and right.'  The man he is talking about is being oppressed by the authorities and is ready to fight against them but can't get the back up he needs from other people.  'But he can't muster the support.'"



"See I think this song is more about the general faceless label we put on all figures of authority 'to him its just a stereotype.'  Like how dumb kids say 'I'm gonna bring down the system!'  or 'Down with the man!' These labels (the system, the man) make us lose sight of our real goals, and that if we broaden our enemy too far it will be insurmountable and impossible to tear down. Of course, I could be totally missing the mark here."