Part III


"Part III is clearly about the fact that if wars continue they will one day end the world. The 1st line of the song 'The final page is written in the books of history' shows that history will finish when people begin releasing bombs and starting wars."



"I think this song is simply about World War III, the war that results from what is described in Part II. The war is so huge it simply 'can't be won' and 'kills the human race' so it is the end of human life and then leads onto the song Part IV."



"It is obviously about the end of man kind by acts of war this song really has new meaning to me after September 11, I could see it actually taking place."

   -Drunk Jim


"So, about a week or so ago, someone asked me what the hell my AOL/IM screen name meant (FINALPAGE), and it occurred to me that there wasn't a better time than now to explain, after the terrorist strikes on the US WTC and Pentagon. Now that US and British forces have attacked Afghanistan, it seems even more relevant. 'The FINAL PAGE is written in the books of history, as man unleashed his deadly bombs, and sent troops overseas, to fight a war that can't be won, and kills the human race.' You all know the song, so I don't need to reprint all the lyrics. This is what we're looking at, from every country in the world. We're sitting on what could possibly be the end of the world as we know it. The US alone has enough firepower to blow the earth in half, and the war we're fighting is against an opponent who would just as soon do that, in a quest for 'everlasting peace.' Scary, isn't it? Talk about a bad religion. The final page is being written, a new page every day, every hour, every minute. What's in the end? Don't you wish we could skip to the end of this story, and see how it turns out?"

   -Ryan Miller


"This is an absolutely AMAZING song. With regard to music first: although the bass line is simple to play, I think it's a masterpiece and it definitely gets me pumped up every time I listen to it. In fact, this is probably THE song that inspired me to start playing bass guitar. Now, with regard to the lyrics: INCREDIBLE!!! In a sense, I take the same stance. Who knows what the human race will become one day? This guess is as good as any. If I ever tell someone that I'm into BR not just because of the music, but because of the deeper meaning behind every song, I sing/tell them these lyrics. The usual response is something along the lines of 'wow.' Intelligent lyrics, vivid imagery (a mother holds her dyin' child...), and crazy energy. This is definitely my all-time favorite Bad Religion song. Way to go JAY!!!!"

   -Doug aka justaminorthreat


"This has been on my mind for some time now, after I noticed the non-sequential numbering of the tracks (as in, Part III came out in 1982, Part II and IV in 1989...) and wondered if there was, or ever is going to be, a Part I? I had always thought that the three songs were all related in away, in that they (to me) were about the US, esp. II and IV. Then I read Andrew's post where he said that they Part III is about what comes after Part II, and the thought was completed: They were, in essence, one big story telling of the end of the world, from start to finish. The words to the song are pretty self explanatory; its about the final war that kills the human race. But, there's more to it than that. The line that goes 'the final war, it can't be won' suggests that this war will be fought with nuclear bombs, yet previously it states that troops are sent overseas, which my thought."