"Parallel seems to be a song about our aspirations and hopes against the fateful reality of our lives. We hope for unity and global peace, but in reality that's just a dream that is too far away to reach yet. We would like to think that this world is fair and equal, but the truth is that a opaque crystal ball encircles the US and we can't think about the rest of the world--the wars, the starvation, the fatal diseases, the injustice, the brutality and inhumanity, the aggravation and desperation, poverty, corruption, abuses, and down-to-the-ground wages. But we feel save nevertheless. Our lives and the rest of the people in the other areas of the world are parallel, as we'll never meet them and try to ignore their present while they dream of what we have in the US. It's chaos and we barely try to solve it. Our destiny and goals will never meet with that of the desperados and desperate in Latin America, Asia, and Africa."

   -Bad Aeronuts


"I see this as a 'We're all in this together' sort of thing. The lives of all people on Earth run side by to a single destination (like wires in a cable, I suppose). We 'stay out of each other's way', sometimes not wanting to associate ourselves with one another at all, but the fact of the matter is, regardless of class, race, nationality, etc., that all of humanity is headed in the same direction — towards the 'ocean of unpleasantries'; the 'storm'; the 'hurricane'; our bleak little future. And we're not headed in to this united and combining our efforts to turn back the tide, but as a collection of individuals, 'staggering like birds' whose powers are useless against what’s around the corner. Being an individual is fine just so long as you don't forget about the common good. This album seems to be centered around the fact that we are one doomed bunch of sorry bastards."

   -Amish Rake Fighter


"I think this song is about the human race as a whole. We are never satisfied, we are always looking for something more, and we never stop think of a good solution to our problems. The term parallel means to lines that go exactly the same direction but never cross paths, in this song I think Greg was meaning many people have things in common but their differences keep them from ever unifying. In the phrase 'Sitting on a fence post to watch the storm roll in and terrified of the damage it will bring when it begins. IT WILL BEGIN.' I think this represents that all of us deep inside know that the way we are living our lives will eventually bring about the end of us, but we sit back and watch it happen. We may have completely different ideals life styles, but we are all heading to the same inevitable fate....death."



"Of course a special song for me. I named my website Parallel because there are many English speaking websites around and making one entirely in French was a kind of parallel thing.

But I must confess that I'm not really sure about the meaning of the song... The first feeling I had is that it talks about the pity that our lives are parallel because we live, experiencing trouble everyday and trying to get through it well. 'Side by side suffering loneliness' 'Turning inward and suffering'. And I thought that Graffin wanted to say 'look, we all live the same thing, our lives are the same (parallel) so why don't we help each other?'.

But lately I thought that maybe he meant that "our lives are parallel and that's a negative thing because we face these troubles on our own and we never meet each other" because when two lines are parallel, they never cross. This meaning disturbs me a bit because I name my web page on a negative way. I intend to create a community of French speaking BR fans...and the last thing I want is that we never meet !

This is not quite the same meaning for the word "Parallel". I choose this song also because of the melody, and the intensity in Graffin's voice on it makes it, for me, one of the most beautiful BR songs ever.

Roger, once again, your BR website is THE BR website...this last idea (the songs page) is a great one. Months ago I intended to make a page which would explain BR songs thanks to 'The Answer's' quotes...but I gave up."



"Parallel is by far and away one of the most kick ass songs BR has written. The blistering guitar with Greg's screaming and the constant 'our lives, are parallel' make me feel understood when the world seems to not realize we are the same. Especially with WTC and 9/11, we need to realize that we are no different and shouldn't distance ourselves. we are, simply put, 'forging little plays of deception and pain, while we watch our foundations crumble away. staggering like birds against a hurricane, and trying all the while to stay out of eachother's waaaaaayyyyy'. We need to show humanity and try to change instead of showing hatred and fear."

   -The Sterminator