No Control


"I think that 'No Control' is about no matter what we do due to the government we have no control over anything and unless we rebel we are marionettes controlled by the government."

   -Triple J


"I don't think this song has much to do with the government at all, the line 'if you came to conquer you'll be king for a day but you to will deteriorate and quickly fade away' proves that. I'm not sure what it is about, maybe life in general, and how we are all victims of circumstance with absolutely no control over our lives, I'm not sure, I just don't think this particular song is political."



"The first time I tripped on shrooms, I started thinking about permanency in the world. People write songs and music today, and they're put on CDs and tapes. It's inevitable that our civilization will eventually fall, either to be replaced by a more efficient civilization or to usher in a new dark age. In either case, 1000 years from now it's probable that our CDs and tapes will be relics of a lost civilization. Items holding secrets that can't be opened. The same goes for movies. Books and written art (like paintings) can potentially have a longer life, since they can be easily translated into the predominant language, but books (or paintings) are likely to fall apart, or be burned, or get wet and ruined. Numerous enemies of knowledge or viewpoints purposely destroy books. The library at Alexandria, at one point in time the greatest collection of tomes of ancient civilizations, contained knowledge that archaeologists, anthropologists, and historians would kill for, but everything it contained was consumed by fire during a war around in the first century BC. We have 200 years for which there are NO records of the Assyrian civilization. We have records before that, and after, but 200 years worth of information have been lost FOREVER. Here's the point. We create with the idea that we've made something for future generations. We've made our mark on the world and on time. But this is a false sense of permanency. Sophocles wrote 70 plays in 5th century BC Athens, dozens our which were acclaimed. We now only have 6 1/2, all done towards the end of his life, and possibly not proper examples of his work in general. And that's only someone we KNOW about. What about all the writers and artists whose creations were lost? Their name, their very existence, is now lost forever too. We'll never know of them, ever. We don't just want to be forgotten (and thus cease to exist in ANY form, even as a memory in someone else's mind), but what can we do? We can write a book, but it may be lost to time like Sophocles' plays, or our language might be undecipherable to whomever or whatever rules the planet 2000 years from now. Music and movies are even LESS likely to survive. We could conquer a country, and slaughter all its inhabitants and order our name written on obelisks all over the charred land, but eventually our atrocities, and with them our name and essentially our existence (though we'd already be long dead) would die.  We could even carve our name and entire life story on a rock, but eventually the rain would wear it away and we'd still be forgotten. After this revelation, I was listening to No Control at a friends house and I read the lyrics and I realized THAT is what the song's about. Basically, we're in this tiny spot between history and the future, both of which we have very little understanding of. And we have NO CONTROL over either. There's NOTHING we can do that will last forever, we'll all be forgotten and fade away at some point as if we never existed, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it."

   -Van Houten


"The explanations to the creation of the world are either god or science, the big bang. The human race had no control over its creation nor will it have control over its demise. If its God, he will decide. If its science, whose to say the elements, molecules, atoms , whatever, don't line up again causing another big bang to our disadvantage. This song has little to do with human control, our leaders will suffer the same fate, power can't save you, we as a human race don't have control."



"I think the lines, 'If you came to conquer you'll be king for a day, but you too will deteriorate an quickly fade away.' have something to do with fame and how fast it is used up in our society. I think it means that if you're at the top you won't be there for long and then people will just move on to another person or fad."



"'No Control' is a song about Geological time, and how history and the present have affected the earth. It also talks about the evolutionary process and the fact that we are not able to control it. Consider the following quote: 'We have no control, we do not understand, you have no control, you are not in command.' This also opens the song's interpretation to anthropological aspects as well; since Homo sapiens have not entirely mastered the science of Natural Selection. (Although we have yet to come upon it!)"

   -Martina B.


"I think that 'No Control' is a great song, but means so much more in the context of philosophy. I believe it can be interpreted as a statement similar to Friedrich Nietzsche's theory of the eternal recurrence. That's all. more later."



"This song is about how humanity has absolutely no control over the past, nor does it have the power to change the future.  We are just another doomed species that has no say in what happens, we're just along for the ride. We too will deteriorate, and quickly fade away, only to be replaced by the next dominant species.  This planet was not made for us, we dont own it, we dont hold power over it.  When our species becomes extinct, the Earth will go on like we weren't even here; it wont miss us.  It makes you wonder why we think humanity is such a big figgin deal in the first place."