New America


"I can imagine what the lyrics in this song's all about; what a corrupted country America really is and how the big corporations are misleading the people. But what is the 'new America'? It would be interesting to see what you guys think about this cause I myself am a bit stuck here."

   -Steffo Thornqvist


"I think this song is basically about how we, as Americans, have achieved this false goal of success, peace, and tolerance, when in fact, we've just covered it up.   I believe the point of the song is that when America was founded, it created a sense of a community with a goal, that there was something that could be reached if we worked together.  Unfortunately, we feel we have accomplished these goals, when in fact we haven't.  So, to quote 'we need a new America' to revitalize mankind into working toward the common good. I also really like the lines 'You can live in staunch denial And mark me as your enemy But I'm just a voice among the throng Who want a brighter destiny'.  This is a great expression of the punk movement and how those who fight for what is right in the nation and also fight against what is wrong in this nation are the true patriots, not just those who fight for what is right."



"Patriotism my friend is senseless!"



"First off, I have to say that on the whole I thought the New America album was a disappointment, a surrender to pressure from the music-industry mainstream to conform to pop-culture conventions and be 'positive.' (I could write volumes on this subject, but I realize this is not the ideal forum.  Anyone who wants to trade thoughts is encouraged to email me at However, I did stumble across the music video (?!?) that BR produced with this song, and I thought it was the most cogent and incisive satire on the current state of the punk movement that I've yet encountered. (The AFI song 'I wanna get a mohawk' is another good one, though I'm not sure it was intended that way.) It shows two kids, probably about ten years old, playing with a boxed 'Bad Religion playset' that includes action figures based on the band members and such features as a 'home piercing kit' and mechanisms that allow the action-figure band members to engage in 'stage-diving action' and 'punk vomiting mayhem.'  This is a bullseye-accurate metaphor for what 'punk' embodies in the 1990s/2000s.  Rip the video off Morpheus or some such; I highly recommend it."