My Poor Friend Me

"This song is about how our society is failing. We see that bad things are happening to Americans (like our neighbors and friends) (hence seeing out poor friends, but they are us, so its my poor friend me), but then we as a whole are Americans, so its happening to us. We as people know what the problem is, but we're afraid to try and do anything about it because, even though we see a dismal future, we accept it and choose not to change it (lately I've come to see the solution/ and it begins with me/ but I'm so fallibly human/ I've picked the lock but will not turn the key). That's at least part of the some, feel free to comment on it or write to me personally at"

   -The One and Only Shasta


"This song has a special place in my heart for it describes a person who's doesn't have a lot of friend, who doesn't care about anything but himself, a person that had he's spirit crushed by the weight of the world and always gets blamed for everything.  A hybrid of society.  It actually reminds me of myself....."

    -Oracle Of Deceit