Man With A Mission     Brett Gurewitz's Interpretation


"I am still unsure whether this song has a personal meaning to Mr. Brett, or, that it's about Jesus.  'Look to me, I'll save your soul.'  'I'm a man with a mission, coming through your town today, I can damn you to fiery perdition...'  All these lines can be related to Jesus.  If anyone would post their thoughts on this song, I'd appreciate it.  I saw no post for it, so I decided to start one."



"I think that this song's like dialogue into bad religion (Mr. Brett) and a fan. Rescue me when I get to deep : when I'm down the fan are reconfort by bad religion song. I'm a man with a mission coming to your town today can explain that bad make show in city of the fan.... this interpretation can by crazy but it`s my!"



"This song talks about Mr. Brett creating is own label (Epitaph). They said it in an interview."



"I read somewhere that Mr. Brett denies that the song is about him.  He mentioned it is about cult leaders in general, I think.  Jesus being a prime cult leader, it makes much sense to assume that as the meaning, and it makes a lot of sense."



"My first interpretation of this one was that it talks about a priest, since they're supposed to comfort, and help you, and do stuff like that 'I'm above the noise and competition.'"



"In my opinion this is one of the best BR songs, speaking about about mechanism in the world that creates leader who is followed by blind people, who adore Him (he could be Orwell's big brother, Stalin, Hitler, chief of the sect or whoever), but finally they are in trouble. Look how communism developed. I'm from Poland so I know it very well. I would not really think Jesus could match this anyway. Saving Souls it is a job for 'real' beigns here on earth. This Song is ironic saying : You are So naive people ..., but this is how it works anyway"