Leave Mine To Me


"It's a pretty straightforward song about Greg's inner feelings. It's really a protest to society and his critics. He says, 'yet you sit there and judge me and you think it makes a difference,' referring to the people who criticize him knowing that he's right, yet they do nothing to help out. A very shocking statement is when Graffin says: 'We are of the same plague.' This says that we're all humans and the doomsters of Earth so we are all a plague--want it or not. He then goes on to give some hope about the future, but states that what you do is what feel and think about reality--not necessarily the right one--and it should be left alone. You can't change what you think it's reality and right. It's like trying to convince a die-hard Christian that there's no God--it's all just a futile effort."

   -Bad Aeronuts


"I think that in this song, Greg is telling us that there are some pretty bad problems out there yet people still stereotype people by their skin or background. And when he says 'and we're but one, and their but two, and how we come to terms will help us pull through', he is referring to the believers (as in believers in god) and the non-believers, saying that he knows whut he believes in and you can't change his mind, its just that so many people are like drones today and go with the flow, he's saying fuck the flow and go on with your own beliefs, there is no right or wrong, whut you believe in is whut you believe and no one can change that."