It's Only Over When...

"This is a song that is basically driven by a repetitive synthesizer riff and contains only a handful of lyrics...which makes it all the more "punk" in my opinion. A band doing what they want to do instead of conforming to what is expected of them is the ultimate affirmation of individuality. Unfortunately, there are "watchdogs" out there that keep a sharp eye on punk bands and determine if they are "punk enough". If you write a song that exceeds four minutes in length or throw in an acoustic guitar or synthesizer, you could be in for a serious backlash. You're apparently not "punk" enough, as if those hecklers actually hung out with Iggy Pop and the Ramones back in the 70s and helped draw up the rules for punk rock. You also can't call anybody a "sellout" if you live at the mall and shop for your precious punk gear at Hot Topic.

But back to the song itself:
Although the majority of Bad Religion fans will probably never hear this song, its lyrics reflect a theme that appeared on many subsequent compositions (even as recent as "You've Got A Chance"). That theme is self-determination. It doesn't matter that "You could be your only friend". You never lose at life until you finally throw in the towel and give up. You--not your parents, teachers, employers, ex-lovers, etc.-- are ultimately in control of your own destiny, so don't sit on your ass and make excuses for why you're feeling down. As long as you live and breathe, you are able to better yourself. It's a pity that an overwhelming number of people don't realize this."