I Love My Computer


"I don't know about you guys... but I think this song is funny as hell :)"



"I agree w/ Blade Runner on this being a funny song. But I do have an interpretation, I think it's a comically sarcastic take on the idea that computers deal with ALL and ANY of our 'needs.' Email is fish_fin@hotmail.com"

   -That 1 Guy


"Yeah, unless this song has some REALLY deep meaning, I think he is just making fun of all the people who spend too much time on computers, especially those who just look up porn."



"Everyone in my opinion, is right.  I don't think Graffin was going at it as a joke or to make fun of anyone, but to point out that people out there spend a little too much time on the computer, and that the world can be all yours at a click of the mouse. Via porn or anything else. It also seems that people tend to personify the computer too? "I love my computer, you never ask for more, you can be my princess, or you can be my whore". I have a friend that spends time on the computer a lot, and he jokes around that him and his computer communicate telepathically. Or he'll say that his computer will know when he's on another computer. Whatever, he's a funny kid, but like the song says, there are people out there that depend a little too much from their computer."



"Although this song IS funny as hell, I know for a fact that Greggy boy didn't pen this out just to get a few chuckles. This song, in short, is about how the internet is whored as a great way to communicate, but it really makes us more anti-social. 'Every waking hour, and every lonely night.' Unlike people, your computer is available to you whenever you want. It doesn't feel smothered when you spend too much time with it, and it doesn't feel neglected if you don't spend any. 'It's never been quite so easy, I've never been quite so happy.' It's so easy to just turn on your computer, and you have your friend. You'll never be lonely again. 'And we'll never ruin each other's day, 'cos when I'm thru, I just click, and you just go away.' I tell this line to a girl I talk to on AIM all the time. Because I love to talk to her, sometimes I don't want to. So she'll never ruin my day, because all I have to do is click, and we're through. No 'goodbye' is even needed, and there's no harsh feelings. For all she knew, my computer crashed, or I was disconnected. 'I love my computer, you'll always in the mood.' Sometimes your friends don't want to talk to you, but your computer will never stop you from turning it on. 'You can be a princess or you can be my whore.' This line is incredibly significant. First of all, the internet is a network of willing liars. You can find a 60 year old man who pretends to be a 16 year old girl. But as far as you know, he IS a 16 year old girl. Hell, I once had a crush on some guy who was claiming to be a girl. However, I can also talk a girl and pretend I'm slightly older, or better looking, or smarter. I correspond with a hard-core Christian girl, and I withhold information that if she knew, she would stop talking to me. (Like that I am a communist and a Satanist). To her, I could be a prince, and to someone else I talk to, I could be a whore. On the internet, you can be whoever you want to be."

   -Matt Savvy


"If you think this song is a joke. you should read the bad religion newsgroup. G. Graffin really does love his computer, if you know what I mean. heh. & I have a proof. :)"



"It's obvious that mr Graffin isn't making fun of anyone, he is simply pointing out that people has been more and more anti-social since the internet came to the world. Especially those who -just- look at porn. I mean, "you can be my princess, or you could be my whore", shows that he also means that you could either look at porn, or do other things though. The song, is totally awesome. I have never heard such an melodic and awesome song ... really different, but the chorush really blow my off totally. So amazing, so smooth. Great work from beginning to end..."