Hooray For Me     Brett Gurewitz's Interpretation


"I had always thought that,  in this song, the line 'Hooray for Me and Fuck you' was just egotistical Mr. Brett saying 'I'm more important and intelligent than the rest of you so fuck off!'  But recently I read an interview with Mr.. Brett and he explained the song.  The song is so deep and personal to him that it is damn near impossible to interpret it without his help.  The first verse is about his grandmothers death, which left Brett's dad in charge of the family at the age of 13.  Brett said his dad was still able to accomplish all his hopes and dreams.  'The underground heroes of the Tarmac, shooting smack' were people who were low lives at that time but would grow up to Mr. Brett's inspiration, such as Jack Karouac, and Allen Ginnsburg.  They were revolutionary and original and went after what they wanted.  The song is about just that - going after what you've always wanted.  By 'hooray for me' he is applauding himself for going after his dream - which is music.  He then says 'fuck you' to all the people who told him, while growing up, to go to school and get a real job and not waste time with music.  If you don't go for your dream, you'll regret it the rest of your life thus 'yeah, I was dreaming through the howzlife, yawning, car black in the night...'  The 'stony faces on the riverbank' is a metaphor of wasted time.  He says the river is the universal symbol of time - 'stones in the river are the drones of humanity.'"