God Song

"As you can find in 'The Answer' section of this page, this song is an echo of William Blake's 'And did those feet.' While Blake's poem is obviously a religious ode of sorts, 'God Song' is quite the opposite. Graffin calls the Christian god 'anthropocentric,' a blatant shot at western religion.  He asks, has this God faded away in our modern time?  Well, not really, but he's assumed a perverse form - god (and religion, in general) is responsible for people ignoring the present to focus on a non-existent afterlife.  As Graffin says, religion simply attempts to cleanse your mind of 'sepsis and autonomy' (he is being sarcastic). However, the song turns partway through, probably at the word 'depravity.'  Obviously, irreligious people who 'regale in depravity' are not evious.  Graffin  gives us the point of view of an atheist, but one who seems to worship efficiency and a lack of belief (the quotation marks cannot be ignored). I think the point here is that, while religion blinds us to the reality of everyday life, a world without belief or faith of any kind would be a scary one.  It is this paradox, or 'impasse,' as Graffin calls it, which is to fear."

   -Dave C


"God song is explaining to the people that all religions and gods are man made. Also that they are unnecessary for a good life. In my opinion, I think religion was made for control over the people. Threats and lies to get people to follow your ways."



"We must get to the point of distinguishing the obvious and the more complex implications of each song (after all, any good poetry says more than you can point in the first reading). This song is the description of a tragedy of sorts, as it depicts the big human problem: the joint between the need for hope and belief and artificial creations that degenerate into the blatant. I don't think this song is associated with atheism, in fact you won't find a direct attack to faith in Bad Religion. The song goes against a concrete way of organizing and administrating that faith (Christianism or religion), thus reducing that legitimate need to a series of conventions that turn decadent and misleading."



"If God was created by the man how can explain all the miracles that happened in the history?, also there are historical researches and contundent proves that Jesus existed, Christian religion just want the common well so If someone could give me one reason for not believe in God post a message, a wise reason based in contundent acts."



"I think this song is about how people believe in everything (religion, rites , traditions) without search for a reason to believe they only believe in god because their parents grandfathers believe  no because he/she think about it and believe that is true acting like robots without mind , soul and ideals."



"In response to Juangask8er, would you care to give some examples of these “miracles” that you speak of, examples other than stories from the Bible, an ancient book translated and altered countless times in countless ways throughout its hundreds of years in existence? Or is stating that there were countless “miracles” throughout history proof enough? I am not going to argue the existence of Jesus, I admit that it is quite possible that Jesus did in fact exist, but proving his existence in no way proves that he was more than just a man whose story became embellished through the hundreds of years since his death. I would like to remind you that you are the one making the claim of the existence of God; therefore you bear the burden of proof (I cannot understand why so many people are unable to grasp this idea.). You prove to me his existence, you give “evidence”, and then I will address this “evidence”.  If I make the claim of having seen the abominable snowman, ! is it not reasonable for me to prove to you that I saw him and that he does exist, rather than me asking you to prove that the abominable snowman does not exist? I have no desire to waste my time typing out every argument I have against Christianity, its God, and the Gods of other religions. But I would recommend reading a book written by Dan Barker called Losing Faith in Faith: From Preacher to Atheist; I think it will change your mind, open it up a bit. One more thing, I would recommend picking up a dictionary and looking up the verb: to question, and then proceeding to question everything that anyone has ever told you."



"This song is pretty much about how God is a creation of Man. With that being said, however, BR gives a few reasons as to why religion is a "sythentic fippery". First when the song starts of with "and did those feet in ancient times trod on America's pastures of green" i believe its saying that if god is so universal, why did he only appear with Jesus and whatnot in the middle east? Certainly there were Native Americans living on our shores then, why did God decide to not appear to them? Were their souls somehow unworthy of his redemption? The next lines follow this by asking if God heard their thoughts and beliefs. Which Greg(or did Mr. Brett write this one?) doesn't think so. Then the song goes on to ask if you, i guess listeners or american/global culture in general, have traded in what you could be doing with your life for the hope of what comes next. There's an old parable i heard awhile back that fits this. A Christian and a Buddhist are having lunch tog! ether. When they finish they both volunteer to wash the dishes. The buddhist says "i will wash the dishes" the christian says "i will wash the dishes so that we can have tea"."