Fuck Armageddon... This Is Hell


"This song is a true classic and refers to people's superficial behaviour towards life and religion. Speaking of criticism, Graffin sings 'There's People out there who say I'm no good, 'coz I don't believe in thinks that I should,' and continues; 'and when the final conflict comes I'll be so sorry I did wrong and hope and pray that our lord God will think I'm good!' He describes the way 'countries manufacture bombs & guns,' there is no cure for the insanity in which we allow ourselves to be buried in."

   -Mike The Punk


"I think this song talks about how SOME Christian people act like shit and then they pray to god so they can go to heaven, but Bad Religion is just kinda mocking that in this song. Also, the beginning I think talks about how Greg Graffin is not a church-goer or something and people are judging him as no good for having no religion and not going to church.. and the reason of the title is that explained in the song 'How can hell be any worse when life alone is such  curse, Fuck armaggedon this is hell' meaning 'How can hell be worst than this?'."

    -Lucas R.


"Christians may pray to go to heaven, but they're already in hell. Hell can't possibly be any worse than where we live right now."