Flat Earth Society


"Now this song is complicated but after an hour or so of pondering I've come to a conclusion. Obviously this song has to do with Liar's and ones who only believe one side and don't listen to what other people think. I think its a reference to Christopher Colombus and how no one believed him and they all thought the world was flat. If you people have more on this song pleez post it."

   -Triple J


"I wouldn't read too much into this song.  There really is a flat earth society and its members insist that the world is a flat surface.  I think this song is just about the ignorance of these people."



"For more information on these odd individuals and their peculiar ways, visit http://www.flat-earth.org/ and swing by the FAQ in the Platygæan Information section."

   -Amish Rake Fighter


"There's only a problem, The Flat Earth Society organization was created in 1993 and this song is on Against the Grain so I think it's quite impossible."



"Frankly I think all of you tried to read way to much into this, it's fairly simple think about most other bad religion songs including Entropy or other against the grain songs. Obviously he's talking about how society is on it's way or is said to be on its way hence 'The right ship Humana' but it has no destination we are always seeking so called 'progress' but we aren't getting anywhere if you get my drift. I could be wrong though let me know :)."



"I think your along the right lines but the line is actually the 'Bright ship Humana'. In my opinion it is more about the fact that as a culture we always regard what we believe the truth to be the truth (because of inflated ego's etc) when in actual fact we are often wrong about this truth, if an absolute truth even exists. This applies to both religion and science. Science is nothing but observation which are often misproven (as in the Earth being flat) and religion is generally trying to explain what no reasonable scientific hypothesis can at the time, but very few of our truths are actually true if that makes any sense what so ever. As i said this is only my opinion though."



"I think triple J is right. I believe the song is about how people have their own opinions on subjects and if someone's belief is different than theirs they think that the person is an idiot and that their opinion is the only right one. It's like Columbus who believed the earth was round, but everyone said he was crazy for thinking this way because they all thought the earth was flat and that anyone who believed differently was crazy."



"I feel that this song is referring to the way that religion puts 'blinders' on people who are too fixated on their religion to acknowledge science (proven facts).  Back in the day, people believed that the earth was flat, and god was up in the sky (heaven).  Well, unfortunately for them, someone proved that the Earth was indeed round.  Nowadays, people generally agree that the Earth is round, but their religious convictions persuade them to disregard things like evolution and the possibility that there could be life elsewhere in the universe (heaven).  So today's society is a little like the 'flat Earth society' of yesteryear in that most people refuse to or cannot believe that there may be life on other planets.  The idea that we are the center of the universe and that life exists nowhere else but here is as ridiculous as the idea of a flat Earth.  Someday science will prove that too and the blinders of religion will be shortened a little more.  Does that make sense?"

   -Agnostic Soldier


"The Flat Earth Society from flat-earth.org has been around since '93. I probably should have thought about that before I posted the link. But there are many Flat Earth Society, all of which have roots in the original ideas of a Flat Earth Society as far back 1547, I believe. The song was based on the misguided beliefs of the Flat Earth Society itself, but is applicable to all of the above interpretations."

   -Amish Rake Fighter


"The bottom line is that Flat Earth Society has to do with people who are ignorant and won't listen to others opinions"

    -Triple J


"Concerning www.flat-earth.org : Did anybody else notice the KSC after 'Lee Harvey Oswald', or am I the only one here having read Shea/Wilson ... Well, at least I found a nice new Discordian Site . Concerning the song, well, the story about people in the medieval world believed the earth to be flat is wrong - Stephen Jay Gould had a nice story about this in one of his last books . The old story about modern enlightened man better than his catholic forefathers . Especially nice watching 20th century . But I would take it as a metaphor about people sticking to their old ideas and maybe violently oppressing different opinions potentially closer to truth (see 'The Answer' about truth), while 'humanity' follows it own course, eventually into a fatal direction ..."

    -Simon Mond


"We're always fighting to strive forward, aren't fixing the problems in the past, and getting nowhere."