Faith Alone


"During the 1500's, Protestant reformers Martin Luther and Jean Calvin declared that Faith Alone is all that mankind needs to live a happy life. At that time however, the world was not an environmental disaster.  This song is about the fact that, with all the problems the world is now facing, we cannot rely merely on faith alone to save mankind.  Problems such as pollution and overpopulation require all mankind to work together in order to resolve the issue as opposed to blindly relying on faith to make things all better."



"I have dissected this song peace by peace. I have found that this song means that we canít jest be passive people. We need to change the world problems by taking action and fight for that we believe in. Faith is jest having hope that things will workout and taking no action to change or rearrange the situation. It is true if we jest had faith and thatís all nothing for change, because we would be living in a world of 100% pacifism."

   -APB Punk