"I have a few theories about this song the first being the most obvious translation that it is just Brett trying to write cool fiction about him and an angel ('she came from heaven..') or just a normal chick pulling off some big scam ('conspirator so fine...what is you crime') that has them both a bit nervous but Brett is going ahead with it and screwing over Evangeline ('I don't intend to split up the take'). Maybe its some sort of arson or insurance scam ('its much too late when the house is burning'). The more interesting theory is that its about him and his guitar (they are always named after chicks) and in a way his return to BR. The return is mention when the songs says 'I've seen some trouble...I act sharp but feel uncertain'. I also think if the line is 'lend me a beat cause mine is broken' then it must be about his guitar and the song writing process."



"I think the band is making fun of evangelists and people who sit around and do nothing but preach their religion, especially the friendly little folks who force their religion on another culture and simply kill them if they don't accept it through military zeal. I believe Greg is trying to say that they have to accept their new religion when he sarcastically says 'Evangeline, conspirator so fine, lend me your pride cuz mine is broken, compared to mine what is your crime'. Hell I know I got my own way of reason, but maybe someone will understand what I'm trying to say."



"This song is one of my favorites in the process of belief album, the name 'Evangeline' makes me think about a girl, more kind of a religious one, like a preacher, but that's just my impression when I listen to the song, because like most of their lyrics, it is not straight forward, this song has a feeling almost like their 'Anesthesia' song, showing some kind of 'love feeling' mixed with confusion and lack of trust on someone who you want to be close but feels a certain danger, well, I guess I put even more confusion in the song now... You guys said that the line goes like this 'lend me your pride cuz mine is broken' or 'lend me your beat cuz mine is broken', I really did not understand that, because in the lyrics that come with the CD it is written 'lend me your faith cuz mine is broken' and that's what Graffin says in the song...listen well and try to get the meaning of it, or just feel the song, which is a good experience also... And sorry if I write wrong words or expressions, it is just that I am Brazilian so English is not my first language..."

    -Lord HA-HA-HA


"I particularly like the sound of this song, and the lyrics being so cryptic and personal I would believe they are Brett's rather than Greg's. Anyway, I like the interpretation I've read about Evangeline being a guitar, at least it makes sense. I think it also embodies anything that comes unexpected but long awaited for, and might be responsible for a crucial change in one's life."

    -Alma Mater