Drunk Sincerity


"'Drunk Sincerity' is pretty much about how we're sincerely told things, but they're really false or next to impossible because it's a senseless sincerity with no reason whatsoever. Greg says that it's like when parents tell us that it was rougher when they were kids--false, it continues to be as hard, if not harder. There's so much peer pressure, drugs, and info out there that it's really tougher to keep the pace in the right direction. Greg goes on to the military and how they want to calm parents down when they take their kids to war telling them that all will be fine and that their child will be a hero--this child will probably be so traumatized that he'll never live life again (if he's still alive). Finally, Greg attacks the fake teen love that always fail to take into account world affairs and the economy. It seems to be love, but a love that will not last."

   -Bad Aeronuts


"In my opinion, this song refers to altered states of mind.  I know first hand how when intoxicated you can sincerely mean something, and believe it with complete conviction. Yet, when you sober up it's a whole new reality.  So he's saying that you can trust someone only for a relatively short amount of time, or only to achieve their personal agenda.  So be wary..."



"Not so much an interpretation. I just love the concept of Drunk Sincerity so much, and keep quoting it when I listen to any drunken bastard spilling his guts out..."

   -Def Ning Kri